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Healing Sessions Via Channeled Messages

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This course was set to be a book, but as I started putting it together, Spirit said to make it into an interactive experience. I was guided to create images to accompany the channeled messages, so the course was born. This course is a collection of messages channeled from spirit guides, angels, and cosmic beings. Over the years, these messages have come to me when I needed them most, and now I am guided to share them with you. You can use this course in whatever way feels most aligned to you, whether that's reading a new prompt every day, randomly opening chapter and journaling about it, or finding specific themes in the index that resonate with you. If you've found your way to this course/interactive experience, it's likely because you're at a point in your journey where you're realizing that you have the power to alter, modify, and adapt your human experience to any result you envision. You are a conduit, a programming software, and you need to learn to identify the different modes of operation within your mind space. By aligning with your higher self, the director within your mind, you can drive your thoughts and actions towards your purpose and what makes you feel good. As you become a beacon of light, love, joy, and bliss, you can accomplish anything you desire. Enjoy your journey. With love, Andrea Orrego

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