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Money Wound Healing

  • 71Days
  • 28Steps
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The course is designed to help the participants rewire their brains to have an abundant relationship with money, to feel at ease receiving money, expecting money, and finding new ways to bring more money into their life. The course includes techniques from various sources such as books, podcasts, social media content, and websites by multiple authors. The course also incorporates elements of habit forming, cognitive rewiring, and psychological release. The outline is as follows: Module 1: Understanding Your Current Money Story and How It Shapes Your Reality Module 2: Aligning Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions with Your Money Goals Module 3: Expanding Your Money Mindset to Attract More Money into Your Life Module 4: Maintaining Your Money Mindset for Long-Term Success Module 5: Mastering Your Money Mindset for Ultimate Freedom Module 6: Integrating Your Money Mindset with Other Aspects of Your Life Module 7: Transforming Your Money Mindset from Scarcity to Abundance Module 8: Activating Your Money Mindset for Higher Levels of Success Module 9: Amplifying Your Money Mindset for Greater Levels of Impact Module 10: Collaborating with Others to Increase Your Money Flow Module 11: Celebrating Your Money Mindset and Your Money Success

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