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How I used OpenAI and Zapier to boost our marketing efforts

Updated: Mar 30

It's no secret that everyone is excited about the future possibilities now that AI has become more accessible to the general population.

As an early-stage startup founder, I sought ways to utilize AI to our advantage, saving time and effort on daily tasks. Building integrations with no-code tools are a fantastic way to expedite these efforts.

Without further ado, let me show you some methods to implement integrations and triggers in your marketing efforts.

Schedule tool + Open AI Text Prompt + Social Media Platform

This combination can be used for multiple platforms by modifying the parameters.

1. Begin with a Schedule Trigger on Zapier to match your marketing strategy. In our case, daily posts suit our brand-building goals.

2. Set the action to Send Prompt in OpenAI, and tailor the prompt for your company's topic and desired tone.

This example is for a tweet. Set the prompt to create a post of a maximum of 280 characters about a topic that your company covers. Atelier App's industry is home remodeling and interior design, so I asked it to give a home remodeling tip. Then I set the tone of the message. Our brand's voice is professional but also personable, so I asked it to sound like that.

3. Create a tweet or post on your chosen social media platform, selecting the Choices Text provided by OpenAI.

Connect your company's social media account and in the Message field, select the Choices Text that Open AI will give you.

4. Publish and/or experiment with variations, such as adding images or translating text for a multilingual audience.

  • Add a step between 2 & 3 and ask OpenAI to create an image to go with your tweet. Select that image in the Twitter action box.

  • Connect a Dropbox or Google Drive folder with images that can be added to these posts. Add this connection before step 3.

  • If you have a brand that targets a multi-language audience, add another Open AI action and ask it to translate the text the first action gave you to your desired language, connect a second Twitter account (the one in a different language), and follow these same steps but select the translated text instead.

  • Instead of selecting Twitter, select Facebook and set the character limit to 1000.

  • You can then add another step if you have a FB page and a FB group. You can start the action on your FB group, then add a Delay step, and then set the action to post the same content on your FB page a few days later.

Schedule tool + Open AI Generate Image + Social Media Platform

This integration focuses on the DALL-E function, producing unique images for each post.

1. Start with a Schedule Trigger on Zapier

2. Set up Generate an Image as your next action

Ambiguity will help you here. I used this prompt because it is specific enough to stick to our branding and industry but also open enough that the interpretation can be different every time.

I made the n 1, as I'm choosing Pinterest as the platform to post and I only need one image, and I set the size to 1024x1024.

3. Set the action to Send Prompt in OpenAI

You still need copy for your posts, don't you? I played with the prompt here as Pinterest only gives me 190 characters for each post. Pinterest is a search engine so I need to make sure all of the content that goes out talks about how our solution can help people. So I fed the prompt the information about our company, I told it to fit it in 100 characters and told it to give a specific call to action too.

Our company targets Latin America, so the language prompt comes first. I noticed that when I wrote that prompt last, the translation wasn't as good as if that was the starting point.

By giving the prompt a larger data set for who we are as a company and asking to summarize, instead of just telling it exactly what to say, the results of the copy it produces will vary with each iteration.

5. Set action to create a Pin on Pinterest

This part is sufficiently self-explanatory so I will just copy the information I added in each field.

4. Publish and duplicate this Zap

You can duplicate this Zap and change the last action step to post on Instagram instead of Pinterest. The fields will be very similar but you can change the character limit in the text prompt to 1000 characters to get a longer caption.

Zapier + Cross-platform triggers

After setting up these integrations, which create new content for you, you can also utilize the numerous options Zapier offers for cross-platform posting. Some notable ones include:

  • Instagram to Pinterest

  • Pinterest to Twitter

  • Twitter to LinkedIn

  • Facebook to LinkedIn

Since each OpenAI action generates new content, when you use cross-platform triggers, it will repost fresh content for you. To clarify, the act of reposting won't generate new content; however, if you have an integration set up that already posts on that platform, whatever you repost won't be the same content as what you posted before.

Do you have any other ideas to maximize this tool or any other integrations you've built? I'd love to hear about them!

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