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Ceramic Mug 15oz
  • Ceramic Mug 15oz

    SKU: 21564836163877322969

    Oh, look who's too cool for regular sports! Our "cult of pickleball" mug is here to elevate your snobby tastes 🥒🏓

    Because nothing screams sophistication like obsessing over a sport named after a pickled cucumber, right? With this mug in hand, you can show the world that you've transcended the mundane sports crowd and joined the elite pickleball cult.

    Made from premium materials (because we know you demand only the finest), this mug will impress your equally sophisticated pickleball pals. Don't be surprised if they bow down in admiration of your impeccable taste.

    So go ahead, drink from your cultish chalice, and let everyone know that you're too refined for mainstream sports. After all, pickleball is where the real connoisseurs play! 🥒

    .: White ceramic
    .: 15 oz (0.44 l)
    .: Rounded corners

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